Written By

James Jooste




What happens when life takes everything you love away from you? When a freak-accident takes the life of Harriet, she enlists her best friend Grace to take care of her granddaughter Zoe. At first, these two don’t see eye to eye what-so-ever. Over time the two learn more about each other and bond over their dark pasts. Zoe eventually meets Parker, a vagabond by choice. At the height of their happiness, life comes crashing down around them. It’s not about how you fall. It’s about how you pick yourself back up. Join Zoe, Grace and Parker for a night at the theatre. Escape your reality and divulge in the comedy-drama filled Saving Grace.

Directed By

James Jooste


Zoe Lawrence – Lerato Xaba

Grace Harrison – Jill Sysum

Parker Parker – Daniel Levi

Set Design

Dylan and James Jooste

Sound and Lighting

Dylan Jooste